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× An Endowment Fund is a long term investment for our future financial health and security. The capital is held in perpetuity, the fund grows over time, and each year a portion of the income generated from the fund is available for distribution back to support the work of the Chemainus Theatre Festival Society.

Annual donations to the Chemainus Theatre Festival help us to deliver the very best in artistry, talent, and shows each season. However, the Endowment Fund is vital to sustain our artistic excellence and continue to build upon our projects and programs. Donations directly to the Endowment Fund will increase our financial security and provide greater annual income to the Theatre. More Information

You can donate non-registered securities like stocks, bonds, and mutual funds, reducing the capital gains tax and making it a more tax-efficient way to give. Your charitable receipt will reflect the market value of the securities on the date of transfer. The form needed to process is found under "Donation of Securities" when you click the WAYS TO DONATE link below.